Young Seafood Leaders Network

Seafish has established a new network to bring together the many talented young professionals from across the UK seafood industry.

The Young Seafood Leaders Network provides a platform for young leaders to build their connections and gain further insight into the industry.

Inspired by fellow overseas networking groups; the network was launched at the end of the UK Seafood Summit in October 2018 in response to commitments made in Seafish’s 2018-21 Corporate Plan to support the seafood sector as an employer of choice. 

The Young Seafood Leaders Network is a platform for knowledge sharing, identification and appreciation of best practice. The goals are to:

  1. Provide opportunities for the exploration of business development ideas, explore innovation and lead change in the industry
  2. Provide networking opportunities 
  3. Facilitate partnerships and mentoring between young professionals and experienced industry practitioners
  4. Develop leadership skills
  5. Identify professional development opportunities & to help finding a platform to develop in
  6. Give our members a voice in industry

The Network is led by a steering group who shape the Network’s annual programme of events and activities.

Join the future stars of the seafood industry

The Young Seafood Leaders Network members are the future stars of the seafood industry. The Network gives members the platform and voice to share ideas and shape the industry. Connect with your fellow peers today and access a wealth of knowledge and insight into the industry by registering to join the Young Seafood Leaders Network

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