Young’s Seafood

David Parker is marine biologist at Young's Seafood, the UK's leading seafood manufacturer.

The £600 million turnover business, based in Grimsby, sources around 33 species of fish and seafood from suppliers across the globe, from Iceland to Peru.

Young's has been supplying seafood for more than 200 years and is committed to responsible sourcing and protecting our seas so generations to come can continue to enjoy fish.

Transparency and traceability are of paramount importance.

David uses the RASS tool to ensure all Young's seafood adheres to the company's principles of responsible sourcing.

He said: "There are two ways we use RASS.

"Firstly, to assess the fisheries which we source our seafood from. We have our own metrics to assess if a fishery is responsible or not.

"Some of the information we need is easy to come by, but a lot is a lot harder and can take a lot of time, involving reviewing scientific journals, speaking with academics and talking to fishermen.

"With RASS we find that Seafish has already done a lot of that hard work for us.

We use the data to inform our own assessment, and we can also request specific reports if there is a supplier that is not included on the database.

"The second way we use RASS is to assess the potential of any new species of seafood. In this case RASS can flag up any initial concerns and indicate to us whether or not it is worth moving forward with a full assessment.

"Overall, we find RASS to be a really useful tool."

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