What we do now

As both a levy and government body, Seafish represents the UK seafood industry and, where possible, supports government policy to best meet the needs of the stakeholders we represent.

Working with our own sector panels and government departments, we are committed to collaborating to make a difference on the issues and challenges that matter most to the UK seafood industry with a flexible approach. 

With the panels, we have identified five key areas in which Seafish intends to support the UK seafood industry:

  • Changing landscape: A changing political, economic and regulatory landscape as the UK exits the EU.
  • Seafood consumption: Stagnant consumer demand and strong competition from other protein and non-protein foods.
  • A safe and skilled workforce: Competing with other food production sectors for access to a suitably skilled workforce, while addressing complex challenges around workplace safety
  • Ensuring sustainable supply: Sourcing sustainable seafood in an increasingly competitive global market, alongside continued public concern over practices that compromise human welfare and the environment.
  • Innovation and data: Successfully accessing the data, information and knowledge that will ensure the sector is equipped to understand and respond innovatively to a changing environment.

As our core remit is to support the seafood industry, we take a huge interest in the end consumer – the people across the country who buy, cook, eat and love seafood in all its forms. One of our highest priorities is to ensure consumers continue to receive a high-quality, safe, and sustainable source of seafood across the UK.

Read more about our current work in our annual plan.

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