Welsh Fishing Safety Committee

Local Fishermen's Associations in Wales have formed a Welsh Fishing Safety Committee (WFSC) to highlight the importance of fishermen's health and safety and develop industry-led initiatives and projects that address the most significant causes of fishing-related loss of life and accidents amongst the Welsh fleet.

The Committee has issued the following statement: "The health and safety of fishermen is our paramount concern and our target is to achieve zero fishing-related deaths in Wales".

The WFSC is inclusive of all commercial Welsh fishermen, who can choose to be represented via a constituted Fisherman's Association and / or by free membership of the online 'safety folder' (safetyfolder.co.uk), an online resource designed to help fishermen manage health and safety on-board their vessels.

An open invitation is made to all commercial Welsh fishermen to attend and observe WFSC meetings should they wish to submit a paper to the Committee about a particular issue or concern.



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