Riyaz Dhalla is brand policy manager at Waitrose, the sixth-largest grocery retailer in the UK.

It enjoys a five per cent share of the supermarket sector, and around ten per cent of the total UK fish market.

Waitrose has worked to a responsible seafood sourcing strategy for more than 15 years and its suppliers must only source fish from fisheries or farmed aquaculture operations that are responsibly managed.

Waitrose insists its suppliers must ensure fish are caught using methods that minimise by-catch, causing minimal impact on habitats and non-targeted species.

Riyaz uses the RASS tool to compliment Waitrose' own in-house procedures for sourcing seafood.

He said: "We have our own internal mechanism for approving any new suppliers or seafood species for our fish counter or pre-packed seafood range.

"RASS is our belt and braces. It provides us with additional background information, including scientific assessments, that is really useful.

"That gives us the extra assurance that an independent expert has looked at the product and approved it for sale. It's an extra level of due diligence, over and above our own.

"RASS includes all the most up-to-date information available, and it has evolved according to user's feedback.

"We certainly welcome RASS' move to also contain information on ethical issues, like the treatment of workers, which is a growing area of exposure for the supply chain and will further strengthen the tool."

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