UK Seafood Supply Base to 2030

Seafood supply is highly uncertain; with ongoing near term volatility. Published in 2018, this report considers how the UK seafood supply base has evolved over the long-term and how supplies may look towards 2030, identifying major impacts arising and areas of response.

The full report:

  • Sets out the UK seafood supply base in the context of global protein supply.
  • Frames changing supply in terms of key risk dimensions and developments including availability, affordability, nutrition/safety, preferences, environmental constraints and innovations.
  • Considers long-term drivers affecting seafood.
  • Draws on industry experience to reflect on changes in the supply base over the last 15 years and what may be expected to 2030. 
  • Confirms seafood to be a significant component of global meat production with important contributions from whitefish, tunas, prawn and salmon; seafood production is likely to expand – particularly those species amenable to aquaculture.
  • Confirms that seafood consumption levels, relative to other meat proteins, are at a high level globally, but at lower levels in developed countries like the UK. 
  • Shows that industry stakeholders have a generally positive view of anticipated supplies to the UK to 2030 across capture and aquaculture.

A copy of the report is available to download from the Further info section at the right of this page.

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