UK exit from the EU

There is no organisation better placed than Seafish to help the industry manage the impact of the UK leaving the EU. We will use our independent, authority status to inform decisions throughout the transition by sharing expertise from across the supply chain.

Leaving the EU in 2019 will certainly have considerable impact on the seafood industry, and it's going to take some time before we can fully understand the what, when and how.

Seafish's approach is simple, pragmatic and non-partisan: we shall work with industry and all relevant stakeholders to understand the new landscape, the implications/opportunities/threats for seafood and options for industry and Seafish response. 

This work includes:

  • Our experts in the field of economics, regulation, trade, market insight and safety and training working to highlight issues and opportunities and continuing to look ahead to understand the longer term forecasts and implications
  • Engaging with our industry groups and stakeholders on the issues that matter most to them 
  • Hosting and facilitating dedicated sessions and discussions 
  • Reporting back on the latest developments in Brussels on a week by week basis. To receive updates from our Brussels-based Stakeholder Advisor, Cristina Fernandez, please email

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