Training and certification requirements for fishermen

Working on a commercial fishing vessel is an exciting and fulfilling profession, however as with most professions, there are dangers that all fishermen need to be aware of and prepared for.

The guide below lists training and certification requirements which currently apply to workers on all UK-registered commercial fishing vessels. It also serves as a guide to career progression for commercial fishermen new to the fishing industry and who wish to progress to skippering a vessel of over 16.5m in length.

You can also visit the UK Government website for full MCA guidance on requirements. Further information on training and certification requirements for fishing vessel crew is available to download in Marine Guidance Note (MGN) 411 (M+F)

Stage 1 - New Entrant +

Stage 2 - Experienced Fisherman +

Stage 3 - Under 16.5m Skippers Certificate +

MCA Certificates of Competency +

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