The Yellow Card

The Kingfisher Yellow Card features a list of the positions of Suspended Wellheads in UK waters and is produced to improve the safety of fishing activities in the vicinity of these potentially hazardous structures.

The Yellow Card is produced by Kingfisher every six months in order to inform fishermen of suspended wellheads. These structures are left on the seabed by operators intending to carry out further operations, and can pose a great risk to fishing vessels.

Suspended wellheads that have been left on the seabed will be left with a guide base to facilitate re-entry. The structure resembles an inverted table approximately 12ft square, with legs around 12-15ft from the seabed.

Fishermen are advised to download the latest Yellow Card, to ensure they are aware of suspended wellheads in their fishing area. The Yellow Card is available in both paper and electronic formats, and can be downloaded below.

Please note: The locations of these suspended wellheads are included in the FishSAFE fishing plotter files, available here.

For more information about Kingfisher Information Services and its products, please e-mail us or phone 01472 252 307.

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