The Skates and Rays Group

The Skates and Rays Group brings together all sectors of the supply chain to facilitate an understanding, across the supply chain, of issues surrounding the conservation of stocks, and the management of skate and ray fisheries. The intention is to enhance these fisheries continuing viability as responsible fisheries.

The Skates and Rays group is a cross sector industry group set up by Seafish in 2006. Now meeting annually via webinar.

Seafish facilitates, chairs and provides the secretariat for the group. Members are representative of all relevant interests across the UK seafood supply chain including; the catching sector, processors, foodservice, retailers, environmental non-governmental organisations, legislators, regulators, technologists and scientists, other bodies pursuing this goal, and where appropriate, the media. The group membership is UK-wide.

Virtual meetings are held annually as needed via webinar. The presentations and minutes from previous meetings, alongside additional information that may be of interest can be found below.

For further information on the group please contact Bill Lart (Chair) or Karen Green

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