The Seafood Ethics Common Language Group

The Seafood Ethics Common Language Group (SECLG), set up by Seafish, is a collective response to growing concerns regarding unethical practices within the global seafood market.
Purpose of the Seafood Ethics Common Language Group 

We facilitate and provide the secretariat for the international group which includes retailers, foodservice, processors, environmental non-governmental organisations, development organisations and charities, and the catching sector.

The aim of the group is to establish a common understanding of ethical issues within the seafood industry, communicate measures taken to address them, and agree a clear agenda for future action.

SECLG meetings are held twice a year. The minutes and presentations from these meetings are below. We have archived presentations and minutes from previous meetings but these are available from Karen Green.

SECLG Bite-size meetings 

ILO 188 compliance: best practice. Held on 27 May 2020. 

This Seafood Ethics Common Language Group Bite-size meeting explored the adoption of the ILO Work in Fishing Convention (C188) by the UK fishing industry and the vulnerabilities created by COVID-19. See the presentations from this session:

At-sea social criteria. Held on 8 July 2020.

This bite-size meeting discussed new initiatives and standards to ensure all commercial fishers have minimum standards and decent conditions of work on board fishing vessels, as well as an effective means to voice any concerns. See the presentations from this session:


Next SECLG Bite-size meeting

Further SECLG Bite-size meetings are scheduled for 2 September 2020 and 12 November 2020. For further information, please contact Karen Green

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is a key work area for Seafish. As well as faciliating the SECLG, at Seafish we’re also working separately on a number of key areas to address this issue including: Outreach activities, the Risk Assessment for Sourcing Seafood (RASS) and the Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS). Our fact sheet provides a summary of this work.

Presentations from 28 January 2020 Seafood Ethics CLG meeting +

Presentations from 3 July 2019 Seafood Ethics CLG meeting +

Presentations from 30 January 2019 meeting +

Presentations from 11 July 2018 meeting +

Presentations from 24 January 2018 meeting +

Seafood Ethics CLG minutes +

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