The Fisheries Management and Innovation Group

The Fisheries Management and Innovation Group provides a forum for discussion and sharing knowledge on catching sector issues.

This group was formerly the Discard Action Group and was originally set up as a forum for the discussion of industry-wide problems relating to discards.

From 2020 the Fisheries Management and Innovation Group has evolved from the Discard Action Group and the remit of the group has been expanded and broadened. As well as covering discards it also now covers technical, innovation, automation and (scientific) fisheries management issues relating to the catching sector.

The Fisheries Management and Innovation Group (FMIG) will cover:

  • Delivering legislative and regulatory requirements: discards and meeting the requirements of the landing obligation including the use of existing flexibilities and exemptions, choke risks and mitigation measures; Bycatch Reduction Plans (BCRPs); Fully Documented Fisheries (FDF) schemes and other CFP flexibilities.
  • Stock assessment issues: prioritised data limited stocks and the environmental impacts of wild capture fishing (both direct ecosystem issues and environmental footprint issues).
  • Technology, Innovation and Automation: selective gear developments, geographical digital traceability and fleet efficiency issues etc.

FMIG Bite-size

Climate change impacts on the seafood sector. Held on 10 June 2020. 

This Fisheries Management and Innovation Group Bite-size meeting explored how climate change is impacting on the seafood sector. See the presentations from this session:

Further FMIG bite-size meetings are scheduled for 16 September and 26 November 2020. For further information, please email Karen Green.

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