The Board

Our vision, our future.

Our vision and aim is to help build a seafood industry that it truly thriving in all areas.

A seafood industry where businesses right across the supply chain are flourishing and capitalising on new opportunities that we help to bring them. Where product sales are growing to unprecedented levels to meet new consumer demands and all our workers in the various seafood sectors are well trained, well paid and safe.

We see a future where UK responsible sourcing is setting the global benchmark and where future planning today, helps achieve industry growth tomorrow. This is the future the Seafish Board is helping to build.

Our Board

The Seafish Board consists of nine non-executive roles comprised of Chair and Deputy Chair, who are independent of the UK seafood industry, two further independent members and five industry representatives.

There are also four executive board members, who work together with the non-exec directors to strategically shape the direction and policies of the organisation. The non-executive directors are appointed by the UK's four government fisheries administrations.

Members of the board include:

Brian Young - Chair & Independent Board Member +

Alison Austin OBE - Independent Board Member +

Peter Hajipieris - Industry Board Member +

Jonathan Shepherd - Industry Board Member +

Michael Mitchell - Industry Board Member +

Nathan de Rozarieux - Industry Board Member +

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