Seafish Wales Update

The Seafish Corporate Plan for 2018-2021 has established key work areas, which take the form of 5 'Challenges':

Challenge 1: Changing Landscape  A changing political, economic and regulatory landscape as the UK exits the EU.

Challenge 2: Enjoy Fish  Stagnant consumer demand and strong competition from other protein and non-protein foods.

Challenge 3: Safe & Skilled  A sector that competes with other food production industries to attract and retain a suitably skilled workforce while addressing complex challenges around workplace safety.

Challenge 4: Good Source & Supply  Sourcing sustainable seafood in an increasingly competitive global market, alongside continued public concern over practices that compromise human welfare and the environment

Challenge 5: Deep Insight  Successfully accessing the data, information and knowledge that will ensure the sector is equipped to understand and respond innovatively to a changing environment

Each month we'll update this page to highlight how Seafish work in Wales feeds in to the Challenges of the Corporate Plan.


September - October 2018

Challenge 1

  • Seafish is undertaking a 'Review of World Trade Organisation (WTO) trading arrangements for UK shellfish, and practical responses' - a piece of work that aims to support the UK seafood industry prepare for a potential WTO EU Exit scenario. This review will:
    • Focus on key shellfish species (brown crab, mussels, scallops, nephrops) and product formats (live, chilled frozen).
    • Explore the implications of trading under WTO conditions for UK shellfish operators.
    • Explore practical actions for the industry, Seafish and Government to support the sector during the UK's exit from the EU.

Seafish's approach will combine desk research and direct consultation with shellfish exporters. If you are a shellfish exporter in Wales, Seafish would like to conduct an interview with you to ensure your business needs, concerns and requirements are represented within the review. 

  • Seafish is engaging with Welsh Government's 'No deal contingency planning' study, part of WG's wider 'Preparing the Sector for EU Exit' project.

Challenge 2

  • The EMFF-funded Welsh Seafood Market Development project led by Menter a Busnes and supported by Seafish is looking for Welsh seafood industry representatives to become members of a Project Steering Group to advise project development and delivery. Many thanks to those who have already put their names forward. If you wish to be involved please contact Eleri Jones at or on 01745 770035 by 16thNovember 2018.Menter a Busnes are in the process of appointing a brand development agency to design and develop a brand identity for the EMFF-funded Welsh Seafood Market Development Project. The first Project Steering Group meeting will be held once an agency has been appointed.

Challenge 3

  • Seafish facilitated a Welsh Fishing Safety Committee meeting on 2ndOctober.
  • Grant-aided PFDs with PLBs project update; Over 540 PFDs/PLBs were distributed to the Welsh fleet between July and August. Welsh-licenced commercial fishing vessels are still able to apply for grant-aided PFD(s) with PLB(s) here.  Unfortunately the manufacture of the second batch of PFDs with PLBs has been delayed due to an unforeseen issue with the production of the PLBs. Instead of being ready for distribution in November 2018, the earliest the PFDs with PLBs are expected to be available is February 2019. If you have any queries please contact Lee Haigh, Wales Fishing Safety Project Officer, on 01792 793400 or 07904 660484.
  • An EMFF-funded 'Wales Fishing Safety Awareness' project has been launched. This two year industry-led, insight-driven programme of communication and engagement activity is designed to increase commercial fishermen's awareness of key health and safety issues and improve the safety culture of the Welsh fishing fleet. Further information about this project can be found here and you can follow project activity on the Wales Fishing Safety Facebook page.

Challenge 4

  • The EMFF-funded Welsh Seafood Market Development project led by Menter a Busnes and supported by Seafish will be delivering a Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) pilot with Welsh-licensed fishing vessels. If any vessel owners are interested in being part of this pilot please contact Dr Holly Whiteley at or on 07984561918.

Challenge 5

  • The Biannual Seafish Processing Census is commenced in Wales on 5th November 2018. The processing sector census collects information on the size, structure, and recent changes in the UK seafood processing industry and its finding will impact on all Seafish's work with and for the processing sector for the next two years. It is therefore vitally important that Welsh seafood processors participate wherever possible to ensure the Welsh sector is well represented within the findings. For more information on the Processing Census please contact Steve Lawrence via 0131 524 8663 or

Other News

  • A successful SWAC meeting was held in Swansea on Wednesday 12th September. The meeting agenda and papers will be available online here shortly.

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