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Seafish Roundup - Janice Anderson bids farewell to Seafish

Monday, July 10, 2017

After six years at Seafish, I am retiring towards the end of this month and I can't believe just how quickly the time has flown by.

Seafish has changed significantly over this period. In 2012, the Sector Panels were set up to recommend the work that we do for industry,  helping shape our 2012/15 and 2015/18 Corporate Plans and are now helping form our work for the  2018/21 Corporate Plan.  It took some time after the Supreme Court judgement in 2011 for us to get up to speed in 2012, and as we pulled together our first industry lead corporate plan we had to staff up appropriately, embark on a change programme, and put in a new organisational structure, with appropriate processes and procedures, to ensure that the governance was robust and gave the required assurance to the Board.

I have enjoyed meeting many of you at the panel and other industry meetings, and as someone who has mainly been involved in finance, I have appreciated hearing of the different fishing industry issues first hand.

It gives me great pleasure to see the organisation I am leaving in such great shape for the future. I am particularly pleased to see our HR Manager, Linsey Neill, and our Finance Manager, Declan Byrne, take over as HR and Finance Directors respectively. They are both very competent professionals, know Seafish inside and out, and I am sure that they will gain your respect quickly going forward. This month we also welcome to the Executive team our new Operations Director, Aoife Martin. Aoife has a wealth of experience, including time spent in New Zealand working on fisheries and land management issues, and I'm sure she will be a real asset for Seafish going forward.

So as much as I am looking forward to retiring, I will miss Seafish.  I am proud to be able to say that it is a great organisation and I have thoroughly enjoyed working here.  I will keep a close eye on what is happening to the Seafish industry going forward, and in particular the impact of Brexit upon it. I sincerely hope that the industry, and Seafish, flourishes in the coming years. Thank you everyone for such a fulfilling and enjoyable time in my life.

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