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Seafish News in Brief - June

15 June 2018  |  Seafish News

Balmoral Show Winners

Last month Seafish's team in Northern Ireland claimed the Northern Ireland Food Pavilion Award for Best Stand Presentation at the Balmoral Show. This followed a Royal Ulster Agricultural Society Award for Best Food Stand which they claimed in 2016.

While Welsh vessel owners now have an extra month to apply for discounted Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs).The International Labour Organisation: Work in Fishing Convention (ILO 188) will likely require all commercial fishermen to wear PFDs on deck while at sea by the end of this year. The use of Personal Location Beacons (PLBs), or equivalent, will also become mandatory for small fishing vessels in October 2019 under the Small Fishing Vessel Code of Practice (MSN 1871).

To ensure all vessel owners are ready for the change the Welsh Fishing Safety Committee, supported by Seafish, has extendedthe window to apply for heavily-discounted PFDs to enable as many Welsh fishermen as possible to own this vital piece of safety equipment. More info here:  /about-seafish/news-and-events/news/deadline-extended-for-life-saving-scheme

To learn more about all of our work in your area of the country click on the following link: /industry-support/regional-teams

Seafish also recently funded a promotion of Scottish mackerel, langoustine and brown crab in Aeon supermarkets in Japan (Aeon are one of the major supermarket chains in Japan). In conjunction with Scottish Development International (SDI) this was the fourth year that we have run such a promotion for mackerel and it has resulted in Scottish mackerel being listed in the Aeon premium range. Our next big promotional event will be the Seafood Expo in August 2018. Please contact Malcolm Large for more information.

And last month Seafish launched its most up-to-date food hygiene open learning module online, giving anyone who works with seafood the opportunity to access food hygiene training remotely and free of charge.

The launch marks the first time that the complete 'Hygiene and Cleaning in the Seafood Industry' course has been madeavailable in an online format. Story in full here:


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