Seafish Experts Panel

We'll be calling for interested parties to join our new Seafish Expert Panel (SEP). This new initiative is focused on ensuring that UK seafood businesses can draw upon the expert advice, knowledge and data they need to inform decisions to deliver increased business prosperity. Key to achieving this will be encouraging dialogue on science and innovation across the seafood sector.

The panel's priorities

Our new SEP will have two key priorities:

  • assisting Seafish to provide adaptive science support to industry and
  • working with our network of advisory committees to help the industry identify solutions to the issues it is facing. 

The Seafish Expert Panel (SEP) will gather together a team of experts who have experience across various fields including marine science, environmental management, food production, social responsibility, consumer behaviour, and risk management. This breadth of expertise reflects the varied needs of the sector - just like the work Seafish does to support the industry.

The panel's responsibilities

The Seafish Expert Panel will have a range of responsibilities including:

  • Providing advice and peer review expertise to guide and improve the quality of Seafish outputs.
  • Identifying industry issues and helping to shape potential solutions.
  • Connecting industry, government and research institutes to build an effective information network to benefit the sector.


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