Sea For Yourself

We’re currently supporting Defra with a new marketing campaign which aims to get more UK consumers to eat more seafood caught in UK waters.

#SeaForYourself launched in March 2020 and is scheduled to run until early May. It will reach consumers via print publications, social media and radio, with a focus on families and those aged over 55.

What does the campaign involve?

Key messages of the campaign are encouraging people to try something new and inspiring them to cook seafood caught in UK waters. 

Olympic gold medallist Denise Lewis and Seafish Ambassador Mike Warner partnered to launch the campaign with a number of radio interviews. Award-winning restaurant owner and chef Adam Byatt and Instagram food and farming influencer Julius Roberts are also on board.

Denise Lewis backs the Sea For Yourself campaign

We’ve added several campaign-specific pages to Fish is the Dish - our consumer website - to support the campaign:

The campaign will focus on:

  • Shellfish: Mussels, Oysters, Crabs, Lobsters
  • Oily Fish: Mackerel, Herring, Rainbow Trout
  • White Fish: Hake, Coley, Monkfish, and Lemon Sole

Alongside the campaign, we will also highlight other UK caught and landed species through recipes and other content posted on the Fish is the Dish channels.

Why we are supporting this campaign

We began work with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) to plan a UK species campaign back in September 2019 while the UK was preparing to leave the EU. Clearly the seafood industry is experiencing a whole new set of challenges now which we could not have anticipated then with coronavirus. It’s also a difficult time for everyone with food shopping becoming far more difficult and stressful than normal.

We are continuing with the campaign to highlight the healthy and great tasting seafood caught and landed in the UK. It is not designed to solve all of the problems we are facing in the seafood industry but we hope it can help the seafood sector to play our part in supporting our fellow citizens, by offering them guidance and support on buying, cooking and eating species that they might not be confident about preparing.

The Sea For Yourself campaign is largely funded by Defra. 

How to get involved 

  • Keep your eyes peeled for activity and content appearing through our Fish is the Dish social media feeds on Facebook and Instagram. We encourage businesses to share, like and re-post as much as possible.
  • We have made campaign materials available via the Seafish Asset Bank so that seafood businesses can download and promote via their own platforms.
  • Get in touch if you have any questions by emailing

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