Sea For Yourself

We’re currently supporting Defra with a new consumer marketing campaign. ‘Sea For Yourself’ aims to get more UK consumers to eat more seafood caught in UK waters.

Campaign background

Sea For Yourself launched in March 2020. The campaign is targeted to focus on families and those aged over 55 and will reach these consumers via print publications, social media and radio. The campaign focuses on promoting fish and shellfish found in UK waters including:

  • Shellfish: mussels, oysters, crabs, lobsters
  • Oily Fish: mackerel, herring, rainbow trout
  • White Fish: hake, coley, monkfish, and lemon sole

We’ve added some pages about the campaign to our Fish is the Dish website:

Olympic gold medallist Denise Lewis and Seafish Ambassador Mike Warner partnered to launch the campaign with a number of radio interviews. So far, we have reached 2 million people through radio, press and social media with the bulk of activity still to come.

What else is coming and how to get involved

The next phase of activity kicks off in early May with the launch of an advertising campaign across Facebook and Instagram. This will be followed by radio and podcast advertising with content from chefs and local food heroes in June.

This is a great time for seafood businesses to get involved and help amplify the campaign. What businesses can do:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for activity and content from our Fish is the Dish Facebook and Instagram accounts and share, like and re-post as much as possible.
  • Download the campaign materials available via the Seafish Asset Bank so you can share them via your own platforms.

COVID-19 and ongoing marketing efforts

The Sea For Yourself campaign is largely funded by Defra. We began working with them to plan a UK species campaign late last year. The unprecedented situation created by COVID-19 means that the seafood industry is now facing challenges which we could not have anticipated then. Food shopping has also become more difficult and stressful than normal for consumers.

We’re continuing with the campaign to highlight the healthy and great tasting seafood caught and landed in the UK. It’s not designed to solve all of the problems the seafood industry is facing. But we hope that offering guidance and support on buying, cooking and eating local seafood will help increase consumer confidence around species they aren’t familiar with. Over recent weeks we’ve been working with Defra to evolve and enhance the campaign. The next phase of activity in May and June will have an increased focus on the community element and local industry heroes working hard to feed the nation during these challenging times.

Alongside the campaign, we’re also highlighting other UK caught and landed species on Fish is the Dish. And we’re helping consumer find out where they can purchase seafood with our Buying Seafood Online webpage.

All of this work will feed the new Love Seafood consumer platform which will launch in the autumn. This is currently being developed in partnership with industry through our Love Seafood group to ensure it works for everyone. We're investing time and resources to get it going, ensure it’s always running and get people to fall back in love with seafood.



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