RFVS Development Process

As part of good governance, Standards are regularly reviewed to ensure their content continues to reflect changes in legislation and best practice. The RFS is currently undergoing such a review and the next iteration of the RFS, the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS), will be launched in 2020.

Ahead of the transition to Global Seafood Assurances (GSA), Seafish and GSA are working in partnership to develop the RFVS, which seeks to enable fishing vessel operations to provide third party assurance of decent working conditions for the crew by demonstrating operational best practice from the catch to the quay, in line with internationally agreed protocols and guidelines.

The overarching goals of the development process are to create a standard which:

  • Continues to meet the UK seafood sector supply chain assurance requirements, both for products sourced within the UK and beyond;
  • Is capable of meeting international supply chain assurance requirements;
  • Is internationally credible, third-party assessed and has a certification model aligned to the requirements of ISO 17065; and
  • Has the ability to deliver a streamlined certification process.

An extensive consultation period in 2018 informed the development of the RFVS Terms of Reference (previously called RFS Version 2) which continue to guide the development process.

Download the RFVS Terms of Reference (previously called RFS version 2)

A 60-day public consultation on the draft standard criteria for the RFVS ran from Thursday 15 August to Monday 14 October. The draft criteria presented for consultation were developed by Technical Working Groups, composed of industry representatives, NGOs, Standard holders and experts from all sectors of the fishing industry and seafood supply chain, from across the UK and internationally. They also incorporated feedback received from nominated Peer Reviewers and current RFS certificate holders within the UK catching sector.

Download the draft standard criteria for the RFVS

This robust, collaborative and interactive process is overseen by the RFS Oversight Board to ensure the revised standard is fit for purpose and meets market needs.  

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