RFVS Development Process

Seafish and GSA are working in partnership to develop the next iteration of the Responsible Fishing Scheme to enable the Standard to reach its full potential and reflect future industry needs as part of a ground-breaking global supply chain assurance initiative.

As part of good governance, Standards are regularly reviewed to ensure their content continues to reflect changes in legislation and best practice. Work is almost complete on the development of the next iteration of the Standard, the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS).

An extensive consultation period in 2018 informed the development of the RFVS Terms of Reference (previously called RFS Version 2) which continue to guide the development process. 

Download the RFVS Terms of Reference here

The RFVS has been developed using a robust standard development process which has incorporated input from all sectors of the seafood industry from across the UK and internationally (Catching, Processing, Retail, Standard Holder and NGOs).

Download the Development Process infographic here

A key priority for the RFS development process is to build on the experience of the UK sector to ensure that the next iteration of the scheme is credible, robust and practical and that it meets the needs of the UK market. 


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