RFS Version 2

Work is currently underway on the development of Version 2 of the Responsible Fishing Scheme.

During the transition period, Seafish and Global Seafood Assurances (GSA) are working in partnership to develop Version 2 of the RFS. Version 2 seeks to strengthen the RFS, enabling fishing operations to provide assurance of decent working conditions and operational best practice from the catch to the quay.

A robust, collaborative and interactive process is driving the development of RFS Version 2 to ensure that the RFS (1) continues to meet the needs of the UK seafood sector and (2) is capable of being used internationally. The RFS certification model will be streamlined to enhance accessibility and maximise the opportunity to scale up participation via the Group Certification Model.

The RFS Version 2 Terms of Reference (ToR) has been developed and agreed by the RFS Oversight Board, guided by feedback received during the initial consultation phase. The ToR provides an overview of the process for the review and revision of the RFS, including a summary of the feedback received from a wide range of UK seafood sector and international stakeholders who have been consulted to guide the structure and content of RFS Version 2. It explains:

  • Objectives of the current RFS Version 1 and development process for RFS Version 2;
  • RFS Version 2 consultation process;
  • Consultation feedback received;
  • Main opportunities identified, including the proposed scope and structure; and
  • Key activities which will be undertaken within the development process.

This proposed scope and structure has been approved by both the Seafish Board and the GSA Board, and will guide the key activities of the standard development process. The organisations continue to invite feedback on the RFS Version 2 Terms of Reference.

The current RFS (Version 1 of the Standard) remains open for UK registered vessels to join.

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