Transition to GSA

The Responsible Fishing Scheme is moving to a new home as part of a ground-breaking international initiative helping to provide assurance to the whole seafood supply chain.

The RFS is the only scheme that certifies high standards of crew welfare and responsible catching practices on board fishing vessels. The Scheme is currently only open to UK registered vessels.

In 2017, Seafish launched a public procurement exercise to find a not-for-profit entity to operate, manage and deliver the RFS on a global scale. In 2018, an agreement was signed to migrate the RFS to the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s new not for profit, Global Seafood Assurances (GSA).

What is happening, and why? +

What will happen during the transition period? +

What does this mean for current RFS members? +

How will Seafish continue to be involved in the RFS after the transition period? +

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