Responsible Fishing Ports Scheme

The Responsible Fishing Ports Scheme (RFPS) is a voluntary, independently audited, certified programme designed to demonstrate responsible food safety and good operational practices within UK fishing ports and harbours. The scheme has been developed by the UK seafood industry to raise standards across the fishing ports sector.

The scheme's standards provide assurance to buyers and sellers of seafood that certified fishing ports are acting in a responsible manner with the seafood landed or sold through the market.  

The rationale behind the scheme comes from an increasing need for assurances and transparency across the seafood supply chain and fishing ports. In 2015, Seafish and the British Ports Association Fishing Ports Group (BPAFPG) consulted a range of fishing ports and the supply chain to canvass their views and discuss how the standards should be developed to provide benefit across the whole supply chain.  

The standards will complement other standards recognising best practice within the industry including the Responsible Fishing Scheme which certifies fishing vessels.  It is envisaged that the Responsible Fishing Ports Scheme will boost the reputation of the fishing ports sector.

Due to the varied nature of fishing ports, the Responsible Fishing Ports Scheme comprises two separate standards.

Large Ports Standard

The first phase focussed on developing a standard for large fishing ports. For more information, see Large Ports Standard 

How to apply for certification for large ports.

To find out more about applying for certification to the standard for large ports, see How large ports can apply for certification

Small Ports Standard

The second phase of the scheme is to develop a standard for small ports. More information is provided at Small Ports Standard.

This approach will ensure the RFPS is fit for purpose and covers the requirements of all types of fishing ports/harbours in the UK.

Governance Structure 

Throughout the development of the RFPS, a full, transparent and robust governance structure has been adopted to ensure the scheme is credible and robust, and aligns fully with ISO 17065 accreditation requirements for the certification.    

For more information on RFPS

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