Regal Fish

Mike Brummit is general manager at Regal Fish, the Barton-Upon-Humber based company delivers a range of seafood products to over 80,000 homes across the UK. He explains that Regal Fish have adopted the use of RASS in the last two months to address an issue that is common in its sector of the industry.

He explains: "All of our seafood is purchased to order and we don't keep high levels of stock at any of our premises. This allows us to provide the freshest product possible to our customers and dramatically reduces the amount of food waste we produce."

"The result of this approach means that we often have to be pragmatic in terms of where we source our seafood from. This meant that we struggled to quickly access up-to-date information from our trusted suppliers, whose catch varies on a daily basis. It proved a challenge for our sales team who are often asked where one of our products was caught."

This problem was causing an increasingly high administrative cost. Mike adds:

"We used to carry as much information as possible on our packaging, but as customers' demands changed it was proving difficult to print everything requested in the time required.  By directing our customers to our website where they can access the RASS tool, they can assess all of the current information available on their purchase - where it was caught and by whom.  This enables us to provide a premium level of transparency and takes the pressure of our hardworking sales team."

"We have tried a number of systems, but RASS definitely stood out and has raised the bar. No other tool was as intuitive, or provided the comprehensive level of data we were looking for. We have had great feedback from our customers and I would thoroughly recommend the system to any business looking to provide a product with the tractability customers are looking for today."

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