Project Inshore

Small, coastal fishing boats, or the 'Inshore Fleet', make up nearly three quarters of England's fishing fleet. The rich array of seafood they serve up also presents unique scientific challenges for fishery managers. Relatively small landings per vessel, with varying market demand from one day to the next, make it hard to attract investment for scientific research

Project Inshore has - for the first time - mapped all of these English fisheries together and carried out assessments based on the Marine Stewardship Council Standard for sustainable fishing. It produced tailored sustainability reports helping to secure seafood supplies from these traditional boats for this and future generations and providing an independent evidence base to attract targeted investment in further scientific research.

For some of the fisheries, this project may offer the opportunity to enter full assessment for MSC certification. For others they will have a clear plan to enable - in time - all English inshore fisheries to work towards the benefits of third party certification offered by the MSC.

Support from George Eustice:

'This collaborative venture has looked at how to achieve an environmentally and economically sustainable future for inshore fi sheries around the coasts of England. The results identify some clear opportunities where we can improve the sustainability of key species and key fisheries, and better secure the livelihoods of our fishermen.

Project Inshore has delivered on its promise to provide bespoke, authoritative sustainability roadmaps for each Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority. The reports provide us with a wealth of information and hope that all parties will now make good use of the valuable work that has been done to help ensure a successful future for our inshore fleet.'

Rt Hon George Eustice MP
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for farming, food and marine environment

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