Papa’s Fish and Chips

George Papacaoullas and his family own and operate four branches of award winning Fish and Chip chain, Papa's Fish and Chips, in locations spread across the North of England. He manages their recently opened Hull shop and has spearheaded the use of the RASS tool to create a menu that uses the highest quality products from local suppliers that provide the most responsibly sourced catch available.

When RASS launched at the beginning of 2015, George was one of the first people to use the tool, attracted by its intuitive interface and up to date information. He said:

"Before we used RASS we relied on Seafish's regular species reports to source our seafood. We always found them to be unbiased, reliable and comprehensively researched. However, when we discovered RASS we decided to convert. We can now quickly find the most current, in depth material available on all of our suppliers in one place, with a tool that is both simple to use and aesthetically pleasing.

"If you want to be at the forefront of providing a sustainable product it's a brilliant system. It allows you to have an honest conversation with your suppliers, staff and customers. It promotes transparency and keeps the whole industry on its toes."

Since adopting the tool, the Papacaoullas family's shops have mentioned their use of RASS on every menu. George added:

"We audit our menu regularly and if we cannot source a certain species responsibly we will remove it. Recently we found out that we couldn't find a supplier that could provide Skate sustainably.  So, much to the dismay of our customers and staff it was taken off the menu. We had printed 10,000 menus, but after the audit we decided we'd have to reprint them.
"This might seem like poor business sense, but what it does is demonstrates to our customers that we are dedicated to bringing them the most responsibly sourced product available. RASS helps us justify these decisions and I believe customers respect us for it. I would recommend any business that is concerned with where their products come from to sign up and start using the tool that's free to everyone - it's really a no brainer!"

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