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Our 2016 Seafood Processing Industry Report shows Seafish at its best

Monday, April 10, 2017

Last week, Seafish's much anticipated 2016 Seafood Processing Industry Report landed on my desk.

The report provides an overview and detailed analysis of the fish processing industry with particular emphasis on the sea fish processing sector. According to the European Commission, the UK fish processing sector is estimated to be the largest in Europe in terms of employment and turnover.

The report informs us that in the UK in 2016 there were 376 sites (with over 50% of turnover from fish processing), amounting to 17,999 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs between them; just over half the number of sites and FTE jobs were in England, and Scotland had a larger average site size (in terms of jobs per site) . The report is crammed full of information on this crucial sector featuring detailed analysis on:

  • Industry structure and employment
  • Cost structure and inputs into Production
  • Output and Productivity
  • Industry Business Environment
  • Industry Trends

The report concludes with a series of insights from the industry about how it can best be supported and is a must read for anyone needing to stay up to date with trends in the sea fish processing sector. However, just as interesting is how the report is compiled. Everything about it oozes the qualities and values that are the very definition of Seafish these days:

First of all there is teamwork; yes the report may well be authored by our Economic Team but the wider Seafish family is very much involved too. Colleagues from Market Insight, Regulation, Training, Regional, Levy and Communications teams all work together on its production.

Then there is collaboration; the report simply would not happen if it were not for the co-operation and collaboration shown by the numerous owners and managers of seafood businesses as they answer questionnaires and provide useful survey data. Thank you to you all; you know who you are!

Then there is partnership; at Seafish we work hand in hand with the Marine Management Organisation as we assemble much of the raw data needed to populate our various reports and provide the analysis contained in it.

Finally, there is trust and confidence; yes, of course, all data collected to inform this report are treated with the strictest confidentiality and no individual business or organisations can be identified in the report. This is important to the contributors and we are good to our word.

In summary, I think this latest Seafish report is a first class product and yet another exemplar of the high quality service and professional ethos that industry stakeholders can expect from Seafish in this new era.

To view a copy of the report click here.

Happy reading and Happy Easter!


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