Northern Ireland Fishermen’s Safety Forum

A new Northern Ireland Fishermen's Safety Forum (NIFSF) has been formed which aims to highlight the importance of fishermen's health and safety, as well as develop industry-led initiatives and projects that address the most significant causes of fishing-related loss of life and accidents amongst the Northern Irish fleet.

Fishing organisations have joined forces with a wide range of agencies including Seafish, the MCA, RNLI, DAERA, the Fishermen's Mission, the NI Fisheries harbour Authority and fishermen's training providers to form the NIFSF and ensure a joined up, partnership approach to improving fishing safety in Northern Ireland.

The Forum has issued the following statement: "The health and safety of fishermen is our paramount concern and our target is to achieve zero fishing-related deaths in Northern Ireland".

The NIFSF will review all available information and work in partnership to improve fishing safety across the Northern Ireland fleet both at sea and in and around fishing harbours.


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