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New Corporate Plan, New Focus - Marcus Coleman April 2018 Blog

Monday, April 9, 2018

This month you may well notice something different about the Seafish Round Up. Those eagle-eyed readers will spot immediately that our news items have been ordered beneath five headings:

  • Changing Landscape
  • Enjoy Fish
  • Safe & Skilled
  • Good Source & Supply
  • Deep Insight

 These five headings are in fact the key challenges that our Industry Sector Panels have identified through their discussions regarding how Seafish should focus its efforts and invest the Seafish Levy.

The three panels (Domestic and Exporters, Importers and Processors and Consumer and Supply Chain) are united in their desire to see the UK Seafood Industry, in all its constituent parts, become a thriving sector serving up more Seafood onto the plates of UK consumers. Panel members appear optimistic about the prospects for their businesses or the organisations they represent but at the same time they have concerns about the five challenges that have been identified. This edition of the Round Up provides a few examples of type of work that is already underway.

We are therefore making these five challenges the specific focus of our New Corporate Plan covering the period from April 2018-21. As we take the plan forward, you can expect to see Seafish talk a great deal about these challenges and how we are setting out to do what we can, with the resources available, to help tackle these issues. There will be opportunities for stakeholders to get involved in shaping these activities and to support the work if they so choose.

The Sector Panels are also keen for Seafish to maintain a flexible approach. This perhaps is no surprise given the high degree of uncertainty created by changing political, regulatory and trading conditions that we are encountering at the moment. Alongside the three-year Corporate Plan, we will have our more specific Annual Plans but these plans will be designed to be flexible thereby allowing Seafish to be responsive as unforeseen issues arise.

Above all, the process of developing the new Corporate Plan and the resulting focus of our work is reinforcing the fact that Seafish is here to serve; it is listening to stakeholders' issues and is committed to responding in a targeted and agile fashion. You can read our Corporate Plan '18-'21 here.

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