Media Assets

We can provide high quality media assets from our bank of images and video files, which features content from across the seafood industry.

Seafish Publications
Our online publications database includes many of our key publications. Visit our Publications webpage to browse a range of factsheets, guidelines and reports.

Seafish Logos
Are you looking to access some Seafish branding? Please contact with any logo requests. 

Seafood Industry Images
Our online Asset Bank features a comprehensive selection of seafood industry imagery available for download. Take a look at the images at the bottom of this webpage to get an idea of the type of content available - selected images are:

  • An RFS sticker on a vessel's window
  • Buyers in Brixham Fish Market
  • A personal floatation device
  • Mackerel processing
  • Harvested rope-grown mussels
  • Sea survival training
  • Trawling at sea
  • A plate of fish and chips
  • A fishmonger's display
  • A lobster

Visit our Media Asset Bank to access the full range of content. N.B. Before you can view or download images from our asset bank you need register for an account (to do this you just click on the link at the foot of the Log In page).

Video Clips
Take a look at the Related Videos section at the bottom of this page to browse some of the short films we have made:

  • Seafood is the Way Forward: Our latest film showcases the whole seafood industry, illustrating why Seafood is the Way Forward.
  • The Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS): Watch this film to find out more about the UK Responsible Fishing Scheme - the only global standard that audits compliance on board fishing vessels.
  • The History of Fish and Chips: Fish and Chips are a national institution - discover the history of this fantastic dish in this short film.

You can also find more films on our YouTube Channel.

More Images:

Related Videos

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