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Marcus Coleman - The Catch Blog, July

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Winston Churchill once said,"We must always look forward, but we have to understand our history in order to not repeat the mistakes of the past. I have seen too many instances where people continue to pursue wrong courses of action because they do not take the time to think critically about what has happened in the past."

Those who know me can tell you that I don't enjoy looking back. I don't do nostalgia. I don't have artefacts and souvenirs of past adventures in my house, on my desk or on the wall. I only look to today and the future - I find it a healthy way to be. That's all.

However, Mr Churchill's words certainly ring true. And, as Seafish embarks on its new journey with its clear rallying call, 'Showing that Seafood is the Way Forward', we would be foolish to proceed with our new Corporate Plan and associated work programme without at least a glance over our shoulder at where we have come from. To help do this an engaging and compelling way we have dispensed with the usual glossy coffee table document and instead have put together a short animation that highlights all the excellent work that we undertook in partnership with our many stakeholders during the past three years defined under our previous Corporate Plan 2015-18.

If you have 2 minutes, 44 seconds to spare, I'd encourage you to take a look for yourself here. It tells a story of commitment and passion for the seafood industry. It shows the diversity and extent of our work. It explains how we are making an impact with the work we are doing but crucially, it provides the clues and triggers for our work going forwards. Our latest market insight work suggests that the UK Seafood industry is worth almost £10bn per annum. A very healthy figure and you can click here to see how that breaks down across the different sectors.

If he were here today Mr Churchill would be able to see for himself that Seafish is indeed learning from history and shaping its future work accordingly. Please get involved with our groups, events, projects and campaigns - it's the collective effort that helps drive things forward and helps sustain the continued growth of the industry.




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