Levy Forms and Submissions

Levy return forms can be completed and submitted electronically or printed out and completed manually.

Manual Submission

To complete the forms manually click on the links at the right of this page to download printable Levy Return forms in PDF format. Print the forms, enter the information and return by post to the address on the forms.

Electronic Submission

To complete the form electronically, right click on this Microsoft Excel link. This is not an online form. Save the file to your desktop and follow the instructions below. 

  1. Double click on Excel file you saved on the desktop. When the file first opens you may see a dialogue box asking whether to enable macros. Please select 'Enable Macros' (some people may see a different message, depending on their security set up, telling them that macros have been disabled for security. In this case, close the file, go to Tools, then Macro and change the security level to Medium. When you re-open the file it will ask whether you wish to enable macros).
  2. Select the appropriate tab at the bottom of the Excel screen to open the relevant form - i.e. Sea fish L1, Pelagic L2, Fishmeal L3, Shellfish L5 or Salted & Cured L6.
  3. Click inside the boxes at the top of the form and type the payment period and your payee reference number.
  4. To enter data, click on the appropriate cell and type directly into the cell, then either press return or click inside another cell. You can also use the Tab key to navigate from left to right across the rows.
  5. Enter the purchase dates, suppliers and quantities in the relevant columns.
  6. You cannot add lines to any form. If there are insufficient lines you will need to complete and submit additional returns.
  7. When you have completed these details, scroll down to the totals section near the bottom of the worksheet.
  8. If you are an authorised agent select Yes from the drop down box and your commissions will be deducted.
  9. Add any under or overpayments from the previous period and you will see the total amount of levy due. (The Excel formulas have calculated all the totals for you).
  10. Finally indicate your method of payment (BACS or Cheque) by ticking the relevant box at the bottom of the page.
  11. Once your form is completed, click on the last worksheet tab named SUBMIT to Email the form to Seafish automatically. A record of the transaction will be saved in the 'Sent Items' of your Email application.
  12. After sending, the file will remain open on your screen, ready for you to save and file.
  13. Arrange payment, either by BACs or cheque, of the total levy due to Seafish. If you have made more than one submission you will need to manually add together all levy totals due on all submissions.

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