Further opportunity for food businesses to obtain approval to export to EU after Brexit

03 July 2019  |  Regulation
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has contacted new food businesses who have recently received approval to place food products of animal origin (POAO) on the market, to ask them to confirm if they intend to export such products to the EU after Brexit.

When the UK leaves the EU, the UK will have to apply for approval as a ‘third country’ to export POAO such as seafood to the EU. Food businesses exporting POAO to the EU will also need to be on a list of approved food establishments and POAO will need to enter via a Border Inspection Point and be accompanied by an Export Health Certificate.

The FSA’s letter follows previous efforts in November 2018 and seeks to ensure that food businesses approved since the previous deadline can be added to the draft list of approved premises. Food businesses who did not apply last time may now have a further opportunity to apply for inclusion.

In a letter dated 24 June 2019, relevant businesses are asked to contact with the information required in order to be added to the draft approved list which includes:

  • Confirmation that wish to be included in the list of approval to export POAO into the EU or alternatively confirmation that they do not want to be added to the list
  • their approval number
  • name, address, email address and telephone number

Full details can be found in the FSA’s letter.

Not responding with the required information may mean food businesses will not be able to export POAO to the EU after the UK leaves in October 2019 until such times a revised version of the list can be approved by the EU.

For further information contact the Food Standards Agency at

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