Food Hygiene

Taught courses, open learning programmes and eLearning courses are available at Levels 1 to 3.

Level 1 Introductory Food Hygiene in the seafood industry is a short three to four hour taught course accredited by REHIS and developed by Seafish. It is ideal for low risk seafood businesses or where a foreign language taught course is needed.

Level 2 Elementary Food Hygiene is available as a one day taught course or as an open learning programme in English and also in Polish and Lithuanian as a printed workbook. Learning materials are also available online (English only) as a series of PDFs. Candidates who are successful with an examination receive a REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene qualification.

Level 3 Intermediate Food Hygiene training is available by eLearning which leads to a REHIS food safety qualification. Our UK network of invigilators can offer the examination wherever it is needed.

Introduction to HACCP in the seafood industry is a short four hour training course that introduces the principles of HACCP. This course is REHIS accredited.

Elementary HACCP is a new taught course (for 2019) available from Seafish approved trainers.

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