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Fish and Chip Portion Sizes in the News

08 February 2019  |  Promoting Seafood
Fish and chips hit the headlines this week following publication in BMJ Open of a research project by Newcastle University which looked at fish and chip portion sizes.

For the study carried out in 2016, the researchers worked with fish and chip shop suppliers Henry Colbeck Limited and reviewed sales and conducted customer surveys and interviews at 12 participating fish and chip shops, to see whether takeaway owners could see the benefits of shrinking meal sizes. As part of the project Henry Colbeck Limited devised their ‘Lite-BITE’ box, a container designed to fit smaller-portion meals believed to come close to around 600 calories and which are within the Government's nutritional guidelines.

Andy Gray, Trade Marketing Manager at Seafish said: “It’s great to see companies within the fish and chip industry engaging with research which investigates healthier ways for consumers to enjoy their fish and chips, and the work carried out around this latest study is another excellent example of innovation within the industry.

“Fish and chip shops have been commonplace in Britain since the 19th Century and it’s already known that Brits have a longstanding love affair with our traditional dish. Previous research carried out by Seafish and AHDB highlighted consumer habits and preferences when eating fish and chips and portion sizes were recognised as an important part of this. We shared key findings with the industry through our Enjoy Fish and Chips initiative, which aimed to help businesses meet the evolving needs of customers with regards to portion size variety and nutritional information.

“We also recognise and celebrate the fish and chip shops which excel in educating and informing their customers on healthy choices and the nutritional values of fish and chips with the Healthy Eating ‘Fish and Chips’ Award, one of the award categories as part of the annual National Fish & Chip Awards programme. Congratulations again to this year’s winners, Harbourside Fish and Chips from Plymouth, Devon.”

Enjoy Fish and Chips
In 2016, Seafish partnered with AHDB and a number of other fish and chip industry stakeholders to undertake a comprehensive research programme which looked at the nutritional composition of fish and chips, consumer preferences regarding purchasing and enjoying fish and chips and the wide variance of fish and chip portion sizes across the UK.

The research revealed that whilst people in the UK love to eat fish and chips, they would eat it more often if they were offered a variety of portion sizes or ‘light bites’ meal size options. It also highlighted that some customers often throw some of their meal in the bin as the portion size can be too big. Following this study, which is still the biggest in-depth consumer and industry research involving fish and chips undertaken to date, Seafish and AHDB shared findings with fish and chip shops via our Enjoy Fish and Chips campaign.

A synopsis report of the study is available to download from the Further Info section of this page. The Enjoy Fish and Chips campaign resources are available for fish and chip shops to access from our website, upon request of log-in details.

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