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Seafish are represented by Ambassadors at regional food and drink events across the UK, helping to promote the great seafood available to consumers.

The Seafish Ambassadors are experts in working with seafood, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the seafood industry. In their everyday work, they showcase the use of amazing fish and shellfish available across the country to suit all tastes.

We know that seafood is the way forward, with fish and seafood producers in the UK offering a wide range of choice of widely available fish and seafood species for a huge range of tastes and skill levels. Working closely with a group of chefs and industry experts that live and breathe the unique qualities of using seafood and helping to promote these to consumers across the country at events and demonstrations - Seafish are proud to showcase their fantastic work in the industry, and highlight how easy it is to prepare great seafood dishes at home.  

Seafish, in collaboration with our key chef ambassadors, Ady Delaney, Ben Bartlett, Rachel Green and Rob Green have created a recipe booklet which aims to showcase a range of seafood options, with simple, tasty and modern dishes that anyone can create at home.

From traditional family favourites, to modern classics – we have brought together their knowledge and expertise to create twelve easy to cook, healthy and wholesome recipes. Whether you’re cooking with your kids, hosting a dinner party for your friends, or you’re just looking for something a bit different for your mid-week dinner – these recipes focus on the great taste of fish and seafood. We love to celebrate the incredible seafood that is available across the country and we hope you enjoy cooking the recipes.

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Click Here to Download the Seafish Recipe Booklet

For additional seafood inspiration and recipes, please visit the Fish is the Dish website. For more information about how to source sustainable seafood from local or national retailers, visit the Responsible Fishing section of the website, and for information about celebrating seafood in Seafood Week - you can visit the following sites by clicking the links below:

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