Ever considered a career in the seafood industry?

The UK seafood industry offers a wide variety of careers for people from all backgrounds.

‘THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER’ is a short film created by Seafish, showcasing a variety of seafood related career opportunities available to young people in the UK.

Whether you consider yourself academic, creative, practical or hands-on, the seafood industry is one of the most diverse and unique industries in the UK; the range of career paths to be found in seafood is almost limitless.

There are numerous exciting, dynamic opportunities to be found in all sectors.

At Seafish, we offer support, advice and guidance for any and all individuals seeking careers in the seafood industry, from beginners to experienced professionals.

Career Paths

Careers in the industry cover the full cycle of seafood, from catch to plate.

Women in Seafood

To celebrate International Women's Day, Seafish has taken the opportunity to interview several successful women who are leading the way and shaping the future of the seafood industry. The participants were asked a variety of questions, with the aim of shedding light on the challenges they've faced both professionally and personally, and the advice they have for women wanting to enter this fascinating and demanding industry.

Case Studies

Want to know more? Read our real life case studies which highlight the variety of roles and opportunities.

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