The global supply of seafood we all eat has transformed from being primarily based on wild fish to being a mix of wild caught species combined with numerous farmed fish and shellfish from aquaculture.

Given the strong likelihood that the volumes of seafood fishermen catch and land will remain constant, aquaculture will continue to bridge the gap between seafood supply and demand, whilst reducing fishing pressure now placed on wild capture.

World aquaculture production recorded an all-time high of 114.5 million tonnes (live weight) in 2018, with a total estimated first-sale value of US$263 billion. Often the primary source of many aquatic animals we like to eat, such as Atlantic salmon, sea bass, or warm water prawns, is from aquaculture. By 2030, over 60% of all seafood produced and destined for our dinner plates will come from aquaculture.

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This tool offers profiles of farmed seafood that are most important to the UK market, and replaces and expands our popular Aquaculture Responsible Sourcing Guides.

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  • Aquaculture Groups
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Seafish is involved in a number of external aquaculture-related groups and initiatives, and we facilitate two major aquaculture forums - all helping to support aquaculture activities in the UK. Seafish facilitates the Aquaculture Common Issues Group (ACIG), and is facilitator and secretariat of the Seafish Domestic Aquaculture Advisory Committee (SDAAC).

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Our aquaculture Profiles have been crafted to provide those interested in farmed seafood a wealth of fully referenced, essential information, and help dispel come of the myths surrounding aquaculture.

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