Seafood Industry Leadership Group (SILG)

Oversight and facilitation of the 25 recommendations are provided by the Seafood Industry Leadership Group (SILG) and Chair, Neil Auchterlonie, as well as Kimberly Cullen, Project Manager.

The aim of SILG is represent all English seafood sectors, lead and support the work of the Seafood 2040 Strategic Framework for England (SF2040) and to hold all partners to account for its delivery. An effective SILG will galvanise a move across the English seafood industry from simple information sharing towards a genuine, holistic and shared understanding of ‘what good looks like’ across the industry and so actively drive improvements. Members of the group include:

  • Chair  - Neil Auchterlonie - Consultant
  • Secretary - Kimberly Cullen - SF2040
  • Seafish - Hazel Curtis - Seafish
  • Defra - Nicola Robinson - Marine and Fisheries Division
  • Science -  Dr Mark Berry - Chair of Seafish Science Expert Panel 
  • Aquaculture - James Fox Davies - Fowey Shellfish and Chair of the SF2040 Aquaculture Leadership Group
  • Processing - Stuart Price – Nomad
  • Processing - Nathan de Rozarieux - Falfish Limited
  • Processing/ sustainability - Nigel Edwards - Hilton Food Group
  • Retail - Ally Dingwall - Sainsbury's Supermarkets
  • Catching sector, producers organisation - Paul Trebilcock - Cornish Fish Producers Organisation
  • Catching sector - Andrew Locker - Lockers Trawlers
  • Young Seafood Leaders Network - Sarah Hussey, Sea Farms Ltd; and Cameron Moffat,Youngs Seafood