Seafood 2040

The Seafood 2040 Strategic Framework (Seafood 2040) is a plan for a seafood industry that is thriving and sustainable.

Seafood 2040 - History and Purpose

In October 2015, a Task Force representing all sectors of the English seafood industry was established at the request of George Eustice MP, Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

The group looked at the challenges and opportunities facing the industry and created a long-term plan that would support England’s seafood industry toward a sustainable and thriving industry by 2040. There are 25 recommendations to help create a thriving English seafood industry.

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Seafood 2040 - Structure and Governance

Management and promotion of the 25 recommendations are provided by the Seafood Industry Leadership Group (SILG), Neil Auchterlonie, chairman, and Kimberly Cullen, Project Manager.

The SILG represents all English seafood sectors. It leads and supports the work of the Seafood 2040 Strategic Framework for England (SF2040) and holds all partners to account for its delivery.

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Seafood 2040 - A Strategic Framework for England

The seafood supply chain in England is working together to create a sustainable and thriving future. This is through an ambitious plan called  Seafood 2040: A Strategic Framework for England (SF2040).

It sets out a vision for the seafood supply chain. It identifies how industry can increase the amount of seafood for consumers, should the population increase their consumption and eat the recommended two servings of seafood per week. All while ensuring sustainability in wild caught and aquaculture sectors. 


SF2040 is a programme promoted by Seafish, funded by the European Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and supported by Defra and England’s seafood industry.

Some of the work requires developing the 25 recommendations designed to move England toward a thriving seafood industry from sea to plate. Some of the recommendations require further funding.

As a result, SF2040 has secured EMFF funding to achieve Recommendation 6: Review the impacts of a population shift to 2 a week seafood consumption to better quantify the socioeconomic impacts of improved health.

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Seafish England Team

The Seafish England team support the work of SF2040 by assisting in the delivery of projects and activities. Work includes sharing and exchanging information and working to increase seafood consumption.

For further information, please visit the Seafish England page.  

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