Meet Our 2022 Processing Survey Team

Meet the team behind this year's Processing Survey.
Portraits of Processing Survey team, Sheriene, Nick and Udara.
The Seafish Processing Survey team (Left to right: Sheriene, Nick & Udara)

The Processing Survey, which began in April, is well underway and processing businesses have until the end of June 2022 to submit their responses. Our team (above) have been enjoying the opportunity to speak to businesses across the UK, and to find out more about the challenges industry is facing.

The survey process is a simple one; one of our researchers will be in touch for a five-minute call and then they'll follow up with a brief email - and that's all it takes! A quick chat to a friendly team member, and we're able to collect and anonymise the essential data we need to help government understand how the industry is doing.

With under a month to go until the survey ends, we thought we'd encourage businesses who have yet to share their data by introducing them to the researchers so they can get to know the voice at other end of the phone. Our contact details can be found at the end of this article. It's important for businesses to share their data with Seafish. 

For those who have not yet participated, or have yet to provide their essential financial data, we urge you to make your voices heard by providing data which plays a crucial role in building an accurate and reliable representation to Government and policy makers of how the industry is doing.

In collating and sharing this anonymous data, government can see clearly where industry costs are changing, why profits are being challenged and how support can be tailored. In the past, the data collected has helped with quota negotiations, access arrangements and trade relationships.
Nick Patience, Economist

Udara Nagodavithana, Processing Survey Researcher

Udara Nagodavithana standing sideways ands smiling.
Udara Nagodavithana, Processing Survey Researcher

A bit about Udara...

I am a recent graduate in Marine Biology, and I have studied fisheries throughout my four years which has led me to the opportunity to work for Seafish.

I have a passion for fisheries as growing up I lived along the coast in Sri Lanka, where small-scale fishing communities are prevalent. As I grew up, I began to understand the importance of seafood to people’s livelihoods and culture. I've always wanted to work for an organisation that focused on the wellbeing of the seafood sector and through working with Seafish on the processing survey, I believe I am contributing to this focus. With every survey we are better able to aid informed policy development in the future. 

What are your favourite seafood memories? 

My favourite memories surrounding seafood must be the traditional Sri Lankan curries that my grandma cooks. The process of making a crab curry is so vivid in my mind, from picking crabs at the seafood market to eating the curry prepared with so much love and care. That is a time in my life I miss very much.

What have you enjoyed most about the processing survey so far?

Definitely talking to the processors. Many people have been kind enough to share their knowledge and helped me learn a great deal about the processing sector. Every processor has a different story to tell and I recently learnt a great deal about the methods used by traditional smokehouses! The wealth of knowledge people have never ceases to amaze me. I hope the insight that I have into the industry continues to grow. 
Udara Nagodavithana

Sheriene Murphy, Processing Survey Researcher

Sheriene Murphy standing in front of a forest
Sheriene Murphy, Processing Survey Researcher

A bit about Sheriene...

I have degrees in Maths, International Studies and recently completed a Masters in International Cooperation and Conflict. I previously worked in local council to advocate for individuals with debt and benefit problems, and volunteered with a credit union to improve financial inclusion for members.

I am interested in international cooperation- the issues that cross borders and how agreements are made. Moving into the seafood industry may seem like quite a change from my past experience, but I was attracted to working in the Seafood industry as it touches on so many areas I am interested in- sustainability, livelihoods and the impact of government regulation. Fish don’t stop at borders, but laws and negotiations do. The impact of those decisions can have large effects down to the individual level.

What are your favourite seafood memories?

Growing up in Australia, I used to go beach fishing with my dad. I was rubbish at casting off- never got the knack for it. But Dad taught me how to fillet what we caught and BBQ it to perfection.

What have you enjoyed most about the processing survey so far?

Talking directly to those in the industry. I have been lucky to have some great conversations and learn new things about the industry, alongside better understanding the challenges and successes that processors are having. I’m grateful for those who take the time to tell me about their business.
Sheriene Murphy


If you have questions about the survey or enquiries about how industry estimates could be used to support your business, please contact:

Economics Team Processing Enquiries
t: 07870 894 035