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Marcus on Seafish’s response to COVID-19

Our CEO Marcus Coleman recently appeared as a guest on Fathom podcast. In an interview with host Paul Trebilcock, Marcus spoke openly about how we are supporting the seafood industry in the UK in the wake of COVID-19.

Marcus explained how he identified three important stages in our approach to the pandemic: from initial response to recovery and then resetting as seafood businesses begin to look to the future. He also talked about the work we’ve done to date. How we listened carefully to concerns from businesses across the supply chain about the immediate impacts of COVID-19, and helped those looking to find new ways to sell products when export markets closed.

Marcus faced questions from Paul about the need for a nation-wide seafood marketing campaign. In response, he explained how we partnered with Defra to evolve and amplify the Sea for Yourself campaign to inspire consumers to eat more UK-caught seafood. He also talked about the success of the campaign to date, how we’ve been working with businesses to promote it as well as sharing content on our Fish it the Dish channels.  

Finally, Marcus shared his vision for Seafish work going forward. This will include a strong focus on supporting industry through Brexit and navigating the complexities a new regulatory regime will bring. Another key activity will be launching Love Seafood, a new brand platform to promote seafood to consumers. Alongside this will be the continued delivery of a range of services around fishermen’s safety and training and supporting important work on assessment and management of fish stocks. 

Listen to the full podcast on the Fathom website.

Fathom is a new podcast produced by the Cornish Fish Producers Organisation which uses podcast interviews to get ‘below the surface of the fishing industry’.
It is aimed at fishermen and anyone with an interest in the industry, and has featured high-profile guests such as the UK Fisheries Minister.