Assisting key workers in the seafood sector to make essential journeys during Covid-19 restrictions

We have an established scheme to issue critical worker certificates to verified onshore businesses in the seafood sector.

We will, on request and following verification, provide a template certificate to onshore fish and shellfish businesses. Businesses can in turn issue these certificates to critical workers who need to be able to travel to and from work or in the course of their work.

Which businesses can we verify?

We will verify businesses which are known to us (for example levy payers, businesses which have undertaken Seafish approved training in the last two years or businesses with which we have another relevant pre-existing relationship.)

It is the responsibility of the business to manage the use of the template by their critical workers.

To request a certificate template

Please complete this application form and submit it to

Applications can only be made by a director or senior manager (for example the business owner, general manager, technical manager, HR manager or similar.) Once we have verified the request we will provide the business with a template certificate that they can issue to employees who are classed as key workers under current government guidance.

We will respond to your application as soon as we can and within two working days.


There is no legal requirement for these documents to be carried. We are creating them in order to provide fish and shellfish businesses with documentation which - if required - can help their employees to demonstrate that they are a critical worker making a necessary journey.