Strategic Review of Seafish in 2021

We are carrying out a strategic review in 2021 to help inform our future direction. Consultation has now closed with a report due later this year.

As a non-departmental public body, we carry out strategic reviews from time to time. We started the review process at the end of 2020 and it will continue throughout 2021.

The seafood industry in the UK is evolving. There are challenges and opportunities that have come from the Covid-19 pandemic and we are getting used to trading, fishing and working outside the EU. 

We are committed to helping the industry through these changes. We have been serving the seafood industry in the UK since Seafish was set up in our current form in 1981. We have adapted over the last 40 years to support the industry where it is needed most and we’re proud of our contribution to the achievements of our seafood industry.   

Regional Manager for Wales handing over a personal flotation device to a Welsh fisherman.
Holly Whiteley, Regional Manager in Wales, gives out a funded Personal Flotation Device to a fisherman in Wales in 2018.

This will be a fundamental review of the organisation. In part to reflect the changing political landscape and shape of our seafood sector, but also to address a challenge we have of financial sustainability. Our goal is to design and implement a future-proofed way for Seafish to continue supporting a thriving seafood sector.

Industry Consultation 

The review includes industry feedback on proposals and how we best serve the seafood sector as part of that process. Everyone will have the opportunity to be part of the conversations. 

Our industry consultation went live on 10 June and closed on 20th August. Industry views were taken in two ways: 

  • Supply Chain Workshops, drawing together stakeholders from all sectors and from all four nations of the UK. Virtual workshops took place in June and July 2021.
  • An opportunity to respond to a set of questions in a written submission or by answering an online survey. The survey opened on 12th July and closed on 20th August.

An independent facilitator is led the workshops. The online and written submissions are managed by a third party, with findings supplied to Seafish 

Government Consultation 

We are working with the UK’s four government fisheries administrations to ensure that the strategic review process is fair and transparentA Strategic Review Steering Group, including members from the four UK Governments and Seafish Executive, is guiding and overseeing the review process to ensure it meets the proper standard. The Group also ensures that proposals for the future of Seafish take account of views expressed from across the UK and across the seafood supply chain. 

Our Board and Executive team completed a consultation with Government at the end of 2020. Workshops were held with the fisheries departments in all four Governments in the UK separately.  

The outcome of those workshops has helped us to design the industry consultation of the strategic review. 

Strategic Review outcomes 

We’ll share a summary of responses from the industry consultation with the Strategic Review Steering Group and the seafood industry in Autumn this year. A final report showing a preferred choice for Seafish will be produced for the Seafish Board.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the Strategic Review, get in touch with Aoife Martin.

Aoife Martin
Operations Director