Levy Auditor

Job Status Permanent
Location Grimsby
Main work stream Business Services
Line Manager
Levy Manager

1. Job Purpose

  • To ensure all levy due to Seafish from your area is correctly paid by the seafood industry in order to maximise levy income.

2. Dimensions

  • The levy audit team are responsible for ensuring collection of statutory levy of £8 million per annum.
  • Carrying out 100-125 levy audits individually per annum.
  • The levy team are a team of 3 staff currently.

3. Principal Accountabilities 

  • Visit all known levy payers within your geographical area, perform audits of financial records and review or prepare levy returns thereby establishing correct amounts payable to Seafish.
  • Seek out unknown or new entrants to the seafood industry and establish levy liability status to ensure completeness of income.
  • Update information on levy database and instruct Finance Officer on additions/deletions to database thereby providing comprehensive records and history relating to individual levy payers.
  • Responsible for credit control within a geographical area.
  • Recommend changes in legislation and procedures in order to improve levy audit efficiency and levy collection.
  • Facilitate interactions between Seafish staff and Levy Payers in the geographical area. This will include feedback of industry problems and providing information to Seafish project staff.
  • The promotion of Seafish products and services.
  • A breadth of knowledge of Seafish activities is required as a front line ambassador.

4. Planning and organising 

  • The job is pro-active in that audit visits are prearranged, albeit at times with great difficulty and reluctance on the part of the levy payer. Planned visits are made for each month with appointments made on a weekly basis.  There is considerable freedom to arrange when and where visits take place but the parameters relating to each audit visit are tightly regulated under the terms of the statutory legislation.
  • A pre-audit review is conducted to identify potential problems and areas to explore during the visit.
  • A risk assessment is undertaken and levy payers are categorised accordingly. The frequency of visits is planned according to these categorisations.
  • Specific planning is made for first visits to potential new levy payers, and when visiting levy payers with known grievances against Seafish and the payment of levy.

5. Decision making and judgement

  • There is a significant amount of decision making and judgement required in response to levy payers' questions, however answers would be restricted to what is allowable under the levy regulations.
  • Judgement is used when recommending to the Levy Manager an instalment plan for levy payers who are in arrears and unable to make immediate payment.
  • Judgement is used when recommending legal action against a levy payer/potential levy payer for non-access to records.
  • Use knowledge of the Industry and interpretation the Fisheries Act and Seafish Regulations to make decisions on levy due on new products and changing circumstances.

6. Essential working relationships

  • The Levy Auditor reports to the Levy Manager.
  • Industry contact is extensive, but very sensitive therefore a high degree of tact and diplomatic skills need to be displayed to handle wide-ranging reactions by levy payers and potential levy payers.
  • A close working relationship is needed with Finance Officer and fellow audit team members in order to deliver an efficient service.
  • As front-line staff, meeting the seafood industry, respond to requests for information from other departments within Seafish regarding levy payers, and the wider seafood industry. 
  • Maintain good working relationships with levy payers by responding to their requests for information. These requests maybe answered directly, or where appropriate, levy payers may be directed to a relevant Seafish department or external organisation.
  • Maintain contact with government organisations to assist them with fisheries management issues and to secure information relating to levy payers, and potential levy payers, which assists the completeness of levy income.


7. Knowledge, skills and experience 


  • Knowledge of audit and accountancy practice is required to understand and analyse financial records.
  • A well-developed knowledge of accountancy practices.
  • Intermediate excel spreadsheet and database skills are required as part of the auditing and reporting process.
  • There is also a requirement to help levy payers reduce administration time by advising on the efficient use of these tools.
  • Well-developed communication skills. The ability to combine tact and diplomacy with firmness is required to deal with potentially volatile situations.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills to be able to deal with a diverse range of people - lawyers, accountants,  levy payers, fishermen, etc.


  • Experience working in the seafood industry gaining knowledge of supply chains, and practices within these supply chains, to ensure completeness of levy collection and assist with legal interpretations.

8. Special features

  • Significant amount of travel
  • Driving License is required
  • Company car will be provided

The closing date for this role is Monday 21st August 2017.

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