Executive Director Fisheries Innovation Scotland

Fisheries Innovation Scotland (FIS) are looking for an Executive Director to join their team. This role is based in Scotland and reports FIS Chair of Board of Trustees.

Title Executive Director
Job Status 2 Year Initial Contract
Reports to Chair of Board of Trustees
Location Edinburgh / Scotland

1. Job Purpose

  • In broad terms the role of the FIS Executive Director will revolve around implementing the Board of Trustees strategic plans for FIS in both a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Specifically, the Board of Trustees will delegate responsibility for the day to day operation of FIS to the Executive Director. Such operations will include the management of the Secretariat, based in Pitlochry, as well as co-ordinating the activities of the Board of Trustees, the Technical Advisory Committee and any subcommittees thereof. In addition, the Executive Director will collaborate with the Board of Trustees and Chair in the development and implementation of FIS goals and research strategy. In this respect it is important that the research projects are designed and executed with a view to encouraging practical uptake by the fishing industry and policy makers. As head of the Secretariat the Executive Director will be responsible for directing and overseeing the processes associated with the commissioning, monitoring and management of FIS research projects. Furthermore, the Executive Director will likely be expected to play a key role in facilitating the educational remit of FIS, via the organisation of and attendance at conferences, workshops, seminars and other events.

2. Dimensions

  • The main executive function for all aspects of the charity
  • The main external representative of the charity
  • A champion for a knowledge-based approach to the fisheries sector in Scotland

3. Accountabilities 

The Executive Director will:

  • Be expected to actively manage the day to day operation of FIS, which will include co-ordinating the activities of the Board of Trustees and the Technical Advisory Committee, together with commissioning and managing a portfolio of research projects and practical innovations, prioritised and principally funded by the organisation
  • Working with FIS media advisors, ensure that the website, press coverage and social media presence is regularly refreshed
  • On a regular basis (program to be agreed by the Board) provide a detailed report on the operation of FIS to the Chair and the Board of Trustees
  • From an operational aspect, provide guidance and advice to the Board of Trustees on how best to implement the goals of FIS and the recommendations of the Technical Advisory Committee
  • Be expected to be closely involved in the identification of and application for new and continuing sources of funding for FIS, including fisheries grants schemes
  • Act as the primary liaison/contact point for the organisation and through this cultivate and maintain relationships with FIS stakeholders, as well as with representatives of the Scottish Government and funding bodies
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations to the Board of Trustees on how to optimise the administration of FIS
  • Monitor and manage the organisations accounts, operating budget and any associated resources/assets
  • Ensure that FIS is accurate and prompt in its reporting to the Registrar of Companies and OSCR
  • Ensure that all required statutory documents, including the Annual Return and Accounts, are accurate prepared and lodged timeously
  • Act as a source of leadership and offer motivation to the Secretariat
  • Ensure that all members of the Secretariat, Board and TAC are aware of their roles and responsibilities and identify and supply any training/support deemed necessary
  • Ensure that members of the FIS Secretariat are adequately fulfilling their roles/responsibilities and where this is not the case, inform the Board in a timely fashion
  • Play a key role in facilitating the FIS educational remit via the organisation of training workshops, seminars and other events.

4. Planning and organising 

  • It will be the responsibility of the Executive Director (alongside the Board) to ensure that FIS is run efficiently to maximise the funds available for project expenditure. The Executive Director will also closely monitor the progresses of the Secretariat and the performance of FIS and keep the Board regularly apprised on its operation. It is anticipated that the Executive Director will also be closely involved/oversee fundraising activities associated with FIS. The Executive Director will also act as the primary liaison/contact point on behalf of the organisation and consequently will be expected to cultivate and maintain relationships with FIS stakeholders and other industry organisations, as well as with representatives of the Scottish Government and funding bodies.

5. Decision making and judgement

  • This role has considerable autonomy and will require confident decision making
  • The role also carries some risk and will require careful management of sensitive situations

6. Essential working relationships 

Internal relationships

  • Work closely with the Chair and Board of FIS
  • Work closely with the Chair and Members of the Technical Advisory Committee
  • Work closely with the Secretariat
  • Work closely with contracted print and social media experts

External relationships

  • Work closely with all research contractors and other appointed members of Project Steering Groups
  • Industry stakeholders - building relationships across the sectors relying on FIS outputs
  • Engagement with speakers, services suppliers and any others concerned with the delivery of the Bi-Annual Scottish Fishing Conference
  • Act as a representative of FIS at events as directed.

7. Knowledge, skills and experience               

Although not essential, it would be beneficial for candidates for Executive Director of Fisheries Innovation Scotland to possess knowledge and expertise in some or all of the following areas;

  • The Scottish/UK fisheries sector (from either an industry, policy or regulatory perspective);
  • EU fisheries policy and regulatory frameworks; 
  • The Scottish fisheries science community;
  • Running a company and or charity;
  • Interacting with stakeholders, including Government and industry at the highest level;
  • Translating scientific outputs into laymen's language suitable for non-technical audiences. 

It is also anticipated that candidates for the role will have previous experience in the management of either not for profit organisations or project funding bodies. 

8. Special features and Renumeration

  • The role of Executive Director has expanded since FIS was created in 2014, and this is now envisaged as a full-time position, with an initial fixed term contract of 2 years. For exceptional candidates, the possibility of a part-time arrangement could be considered
  • The indicative salary range for the position is £52,000 to £58,000, depending upon qualifications and experience
  • Office facilities in Edinburgh are available. Alternatively, since regular travel within Scotland is required, there is some flexibility as to the current location of candidates, based on home-office working
  • Candidates must provide their own vehicle, and mileage-rate expenses will be provided 
  • Some out-of-hours working at events and travelling within the UK, as well as occasional international travel will be required.

The closing date for applications is Monday 16th July

If you are interested in this position, lease email your CV and covering letter to s.gray@fiscot.org

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at the email address above if you have any questions about this role.

To find out more about FIS, please take some time look at our website: https://www.fiscot.org/

Thank you for your interest in Fisheries Innovation Scotland - we look forward to hearing from you!