Director of Corporate Relations

Location Grimsby or Edinburgh
Division Corporate Relations 
Line Manager
Chief Executive Officer

Job Purpose

To lead and develop Seafish's stakeholder engagement and communication activities in order to support a culture of collaboration and consensus building around the key issues that are identified in the Seafish Corporate Plan.  

To support:

  • The Seafish Board with its strategic decision making and performance monitoring functions.
  • The Chief Executive Officer with his strategic outlook for leading and managing Seafish.
  • The other members of Executive Team in leading and managing Seafish activities.
  • Seafish staff in delivering the Corporate Plan.
  • Seafish Stakeholders as and when they engage with Seafish events and activities and services.


  • Primary responsibility for the Corporate Relations Division budget and effective deployment of all divisional resources.
  • Financial: Circa £3.5 million 
  • Staff Numbers: 5 Direct reports, up to 30 staff located in Grimsby, Edinburgh and in home based locations  

Principal Accountabilities   

  • To exemplify the Seafish Values.
  • To pro-actively support the Seafish working culture of empowerment, trust and autonomy.
  • As part of the Seafish Executive team, the Corporate Relations Director has a primary role in working extensively with industry in creating and developing triannual Corporate Plans for Seafish.
  • Ensure delivery against the key outputs and outcomes of the communications and stakeholder activities in the Seafish Corporate Plan.
  • Establish strategies to reach industry, government and consumers ensuring maximum value and impact of Seafish work whilst leading on areas including internal communications, industry communications, consumer education, media and public relations, insight, trade, building advocacy and horizon scanning.
  • Build advocacy, ensuring all key stakeholders are actively engaged with Seafish and its work.
  • Lead and implement an effective media and PR strategy to support industry and consumer needs.
  • Promote the consumption of seafood and protect the reputation of Seafish and the seafood industry.
  • Drive the digital and social media strategy with consistent messaging across different channels.
  • Ensure that Seafish has the skills, resources and staff needed to fulfil the activities defined in the Corporate Plan.
  • Advise the Chief Executive and Executive team on progress against Seafish's Corporate Plan ensuring effective and appropriate monitoring throughout the life of the activities.
  • Advise Board on achievements against delivery of the Corporate Plan. 
  • To analyse and assess new challenges not contained within the Corporate Plan as and when these may arise.
  • Assist the Board and Chief Executive in engaging with industry stakeholders so that the interventions undertaken by Seafish are recognised and valued.
  • Ensure operations, projects and services are undertaken within agreed budgets and secure additional financial support from industry and government sponsors.
  • Provide effective guidance, direction, support, communication and motivation among divisional team members in the attainment of objectives and in continually improving performance.
  • Ensure effective Project Management is in place to assist with delivery of the Corporate Plan.

Planning and organising 

Having a degree of autonomy within the confines of the Corporate Plan and budget, the Director will liaise as required with the CEO, and work proactively with the wider Executive team, Marketing, Communications and Regional teams and other teams across the organisation in working towards the achievement of longer term goals.

Decision making and judgement

The Director has a degree of autonomy, operating within organisational guidelines and as part of a cohesive Executive team, with decision making powers as devolved by Chief Executive.

Essential working relationships


  • The Chief Executive and other Executive colleagues in matters of planning, policy, and delivery of results.
  • The Chief Executive, Board and Sector Panels in identifying future plans and responses to industry.
  • Seafish colleagues and direct reports in leading, supporting and involving them in the delivery of Seafish activities.


  • Associated companies in working in partnership to improve services to industry.
  • Industry leaders, Sector Panels, and opinion leaders in identifying, anticipating and delivering projects.
  • Civil Servants from the four Fisheries Administrations in supporting policy aims and support for industry.
  • Suppliers in negotiating and providing necessary services.


Knowledge, skills and experience 

  • Degree in a related discipline.
  • Post-Graduate education in a relevant subject would be of interest.
  • Significant strategic management experience, with the ability to combine strategic thinking with attention to detail, achieving quantifiable success against challenging targets.  
  • Excellent track record in the food industry and good knowledge of issues facing primary sector, coupled with significant experience at a senior management level of having created and implemented effective strategies in a similar size organisation.
  • Strong commercial and political acumen with the ability to consolidate change, develop organisational stability, deliver budgetary control and strategic/operational outcomes.
  • Proven experience of leading, supporting and motivating people across a range of functions.Demonstrable ability of effective relationships with the external community and opinion formers, instilling confidence with a wide range of stakeholders across private and public sectors, and colleagues alike. 
  • Demonstrable ability in effectively managing sensitivities surrounding Board, industry and political dimensions.
  • Clear communication skills at all levels with excellent interpersonal, influencing and diplomacy skills, able to integrate effectively a wide range of views and represent Seafish to a wide industry and political audience.
  • Experience/knowledge of key issues, commercial, technical, political and environmental pertaining to the food industry generally, and the seafood sector specifically. 
  • Proven ability and desire to work in and across the public sector, balanced with commercial and political acumen.
  • Proven track record of strategic management experience, reporting to Board and leading operational delivery across a broad functional areas.

Special features

  • The ability to adapt and manage change, both personally and for the organisation.
  • Resilience when dealing with organisations and individuals with conflicting interests and goals.
  • The ability to look at the strategic development of the organisation over a 3-5 year period.
  • An understanding and appreciation of alternative approaches to the management of modern workplaces.

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The closing date for applications is 12 noon on 14th July 2017. Thank you for your interest in Seafish. We hope to see you soon!