Assistant Economist/Economist

Location Edinburgh
Team Economics
Reports to
Chief Economist

Job Purpose

  • Design, manage and deliver appropriate fisheries economics research projects to fulfil industry needs.
  • Provide advice and reports to inform business and policy decisions in all sectors of the seafood industry and in government at UK and EU level. 


  • Responsible for spend of budget for allocated projects in Economics team.
  • Supervise of input from other staff plus additional temporary staff as required.
  • Manage consulting and internal projects.
  • Participate in EU and other fisheries economics working groups as appropriate.

Principal Accountabilities     

  • Manage and undertake economic research projects, including solution design, project team supervision, budget control and reporting, to deliver high quality, relevant economic knowledge and understanding to external and internal customers.
  • Manage and develop databases to ensure effective and efficient data management for key catching and processing sector evidence bases.
  • Prepare and deliver government and industry briefings to deliver pertinent economic advice in support of policy decision making.
  • Provide economic advice and evidence for various UK and EU strategic and economic initiatives so that relevant and reliable advice and evidence are available to policy decision makers.
  • Build professional networks among industry and government stakeholders in order to build trust of our advice and evidence bases and ensure that people know what we can contribute to business and policy decision making in seafood industry.
  • Facilitate and encourage uptake of research outputs and appropriate actions and responses by industry and government to encourage outcomes that will lead to sustainable business success.
  • Stay well-informed of industry and policy issues relating to the seafood industry to ensure that research and advice are relevant to the most importance issues for the seafood industry.
  • Stay well-informed regarding professional best practice, including research methods, data management methods, economic modelling techniques, to help contribute to effective and efficient team outputs appropriate to the information need. 

Planning and organising 

  • Design and plan seafood industry economics research projects to fulfil Seafish mission, ensuring delivery of benefits to industry.  Adjust plans as necessary to suit changes in circumstances.
  • Plan projects with appropriate input from industry, government, other researches and Seafish staff.
  • Collaborate with other research institutes and government departments crucial for conducting appropriate research to improve use of research resource and evidence bases.
  • Plan own workload and that of supervised staff prioritising as necessary.
  • React appropriately to requests for research, analysis and advice from industry, government or Seafish executive, following policy on prioritising workload.
  • Organise contracts with consultants and other suppliers.
  • Guidance can be taken from Seafish mission, strategy and value statements and from senior team colleagues.
  • Utilise project management, reporting and recording systems. 

Decision making and judgement

  • Decision making and use of judgement are required in evaluating the best approaches for fisheries economics research.
  • Use of judgement when preparing advice to government and industry bodies.
  • Judgement and decision making within planning and management of projects, especially liaison with key customers and stakeholders to ensure delivery of fit-for-purpose project outputs.
  • Use of judgement when external consultants are appointed to carry out research.  Required to evaluate tenders and recommend selected supplier or give useful feedback to consultants on draft reports etc.
  • Use of judgement when advising members of industry and government about fisheries economics and policy matters.
  • Use of judgement in supervising staff input to projects.

Essential internal and extrernal working relationships

  • Members of industry bodies and individual business owners and managers.
  • Civil servants in home nations, UK and the European Commission.
  • Fisheries economists and other researches from other organisations in the UK and overseas.
  • Other Seafish staff members, Executive and Chief Executive.

Knowledge, skills and experience required

  • A first degree in Economics or other numerate first degree with strong business or economics content.
  • More than three years' experience of research design, data collection, analysis, report writing, preparing and delivering presentations, working in project teams and working with industry customers.  
  • Preferable to have professional experience of the seafood industry and the EU Data Collection Framework under the Common Fisheries Policy.
  • Experience of problem solving and drawing on others' knowledge and skills to ensure that the best quality thinking is applied to designing solutions for industry and government.
  • Experience of dealing with clients and customers, determining their needs and proposing suitable solutions in a professional services type environment.
  • The ability to communicate effectively in person and in writing with industry members and government representatives.
  • Experience of working in professional project teams, including planning, managing and delivering research and consulting projects to a high standard.
  • Strong report writing skills are required, together with advanced skills in the use of software packages for project planning, financial and statistical analysis, economic modelling and presentations.  Knowledge and experience of econometric software is required.
  • Ability to deliver agreed results and outputs and work unsupervised on multiple tasks.

Special features

  • This job will involve travel around the UK and overseas. Driving licence desirable.

The closing date for this role is Monday 14th August 2017.

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