Fishermen's safety

The FAO estimates that 24,000 fishermen across the globe die every year; fishermen's safety is paramount to the industry, and safety training is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways to improve fishermen's safety.

Before going to sea, all fishermen are required to undertake mandatory safety training which includes sea survival, fire fighting, first aid, and health and safety. On top of this, fishermen with two years of experience must also attend a Safety Awareness course.

Seafish and its partners are constantly striving to improve safety training amongst the UK's fishermen. Part of this is developing new voluntary courses in safety and hazard awareness, but we also seek to raise the standards required by mandatory training in the industry.

More information and resources about fisherman's safety is available at Gov UK which has information about mandatory safety training for fishermen. Click here to read more about safety at sea, or here to read about training for fishermen.