Safety training

Safety training is a vital part of the UK seafood industry, and it is advised that employees in all sectors undergo basic safety training.

In most sectors, this safety training amounts to health and safety, food safety, and hazard awareness training, all of which help to make working environments safer for both employees and consumers.

However, for fishermen, safety training saves lives every day. Going out to sea poses great dangers even for experienced fishermen; the mortality rate of fishermen in the UK is 115 times the industry average.

This is why it's important for fishermen to undergo comprehensive safety training on a regular basis: to keep their skills fresh, and their knowledge up-to-date.

New entrant fishermen will be required to take fishermen's safety training, and experienced fishermen should undergo refresher training every few years.

For more information about fishermen's safety training and the opportunities available to access funding please click here. to view our Fishermen`s Safety Training Leaflet.