Trawl Gear Technology Training

The Sintef Flume Tank at the North Sea Centre in Hirtshals, Denmark, provides an effective platform for practical trawl gear technology training.

Trawl gear technology training offers fishermen the chance to experience and undergo practical training without being subjected to the dangers of the sea.

As part of our objective to improve fishermen's training in the UK, Seafish supports fishermen wishing to undergo trawl gear technology training in Denmark by funding travel between the UK and Hirtshals, as well as covering the costs of hiring the Flume Tank and overnight accommodation for both fishermen and UK trainers.

Courses usually take between two and three days, and while a basic syllabus will be provided, each course can be tailored to suit the types of fishing that the learner is involved in.

Training provided at the Flume Tank offers fishermen a unique insight into the way trawling gear reacts to different conditions, and is an invaluable supplement to other forms of fishermen's training.

This training course is partially funded by the European Fisheries Fund in both England and Scotland. For more information, please visit the Sintef website or contact Mike Montgomerie.